Nominations have now closed  for this years Belfast Pride Awards.  We had over 400 submissions – find out soon who has made it through to the next stage!

The awards seek to recognise contributions to the LGBTQ community from across a range of sectors including community support groups, entertainment and business.

To make your nomination, select a category from the list below, and then fill out the form at the bottom of the page

Nominations close on Sunday 23rd July at Midday – Voting comments 09:00 on Monday 24th July, closing at 12:00 on Friday 28th July.

Political Contribution to the LGBTQ Community
We want all of our politicians to support Equality and vote for it. Which politician, in your opinion, has done most or worked hardest for the LGBT community in Belfast over the last year?

Business Contribution Award

Many businesses now support the LGBT community, support their own LGBT staff and work with local LGBT groups – this support delivers more events and services.

Which business has done the most or gone furthest to support our community?

Belfast Pride Award for Innovation in the LGBT Community

The range of groups and organisations working with the LGBT community respond to community needs by listening and developing new services. Is there a particular service or piece of work that has done this in a new and innovative way that should be marked with an award?

Community Partnership of the Year

Working in partnership in one of the cornerstones of how we build a Pride to represent all of us. Many business and community groups work with Belfast Pride or with other groups to deliver more community services..

Which partnership deserves a special mention this year?

Pride Supporter of the Year – Business

Belfast Pride needs the support of businesses to be able to stage the festival each year. The businesses we work with support Equality, support the aims of Pride, support their own LGBTQ staff and our community and many are LGBT owned and led.

Which business do you think had gone furthest to support Belfast Pride?

Pride Supporter of the Year – Community

Belfast Pride’s partners in community and voluntary groups add a wide range of events to the programme reflecting our community and also make an important financial contribution to the running of Pride.

Which supporter do you feel should get an extra mention for their contribution over the last year?

People’s Choice Award

Is there a group, an event, an individual or a milestone from the last year that you feel warrants a special mention?

What, over the last year involving the LGBT community in Belfast or relevant to LGBTQ people that meant a lot to you and that stands out as a key event?

Contribution to Pride Village 2016

Pride Village is our family and community marketplace that offers a family friendly addition to Pride Day and aims to help connect LGBT people to services, advice and information to address needs and improve lives..

Which organisation or groups made the best effort for Pride Village? Who made the best attempt to reach out?

Best Night Out in Belfast

The Gay Village , the Queer Quarter and more offer a full range of entertainment options seven nights a week. Which night or show is your favourite?

Where did you have your Best Night in Belfast over the last year?

Best Parade Entry in 2016

Everyone makes their own kind of effort for the Belfast Pride Parade and every contribution helps make the parade a huge, positive and inclusive representation of our ever-evolving community.

Which entry, big or small, float or walking group did you like most?

Community Action Award

Is there a group, organisation or individual that has helped improve the position of the LGBTQ community in Belfast over the last year with ongoing work, a campaign or a particular event or achievement?