The Official Belfast Pride Festival Guide – the one and the only!

It’s the LGBT publication with the biggest audience and the biggest circulation in Belfast and it’s not hard to see why – it’s the only Official Pride Guide, all of the income it raises through advertising directly supports the festival and it’s the only place you’ll find complete listings for Belfast Pride.

We are now working on the Official Belfast Pride Guide for 2017 and taking submissions and adverts. If you want your event to be included in the Official Belfast Pride Guide for 2017 then you should be planning now, just ask if you need any advice.

If you want to advertise your group, business or service in the Guide then get in touch with us now at: / 9023 2447

Only be dealing with Belfast Pride directly can you become an Official supporter and contribute to the festival.

You can see the Official Belfast Pride Guide for 2016 below – there were over 100 events across the full ten days of the festival and 96 packed pages in the Guide.  – remember, there is no bigger audience than the Official Pride Guide to promote your event or it’s the only way to directly support Belfast Pride!