The 2017 Belfast Pride Parade will take place on Saturday 5th August 2017.

The parade is the biggest single parade in Belfast, the biggest cross community parade and it brings a rainbow of colour to the city centre and we extend an open welcome to the whole city to come and join in!

Applications are now open for the parade – click here to apply.

Any organised group and everyone who wants to enter a float and or walking group needs to register – this doesn’t apply to individuals or a group of friends, for example, but we need to have details and an application from any organised group of any size as the parade is governed by Parading legislation and a permit from the Parades Commission.

Belfast Pride is a charity that raises the full cost of the festival each year – we have a policy of keeping main Pride events free and we ask commercial groups and those who can afford to, to contribute to the many costs of running a major festival including insurance, security, crowd safety and other overheads. Entries from commercial groups are expected to contribute, community groups are free.

Full Terms and Conditions will be sent to all successful applicants before in advance of the parade and need to be signed, agreed and returned –  this helps us makes sure that we have a positive parade that reflects the best of our community and that we can meet guidance from the PSNI and the Parades Commission.

Please note that Belfast City Council has rules that mean that participants on the Belfast Pride Parade cannot distribute flyers, business cards, balloons, flags, badges or any other promotional items – so remember not to include this in your plans. You can promote your group at our Pride Village event, see that page for details.

To enter the Belfast Pride Parade 2017, click here.  Applications close on Thursday 3rd August 2017.