Apply for the Belfast Pride Parade 2017

Belfast Pride

Parade Entries and Charges for 2017

The festival : Belfast Pride Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Belfast and runs over 100 events across 10 days.  The festival will be launched this year in Belfast City Hall with the Belfast Pride Awards on Friday 28th July and will run to Sunday 6th August with Pride Day and the centrepiece Pride Parade on Saturday 5th August.

The Parade : The Belfast Pride Parade is the biggest cross community parade in the city,  the main event in the LGBTQ calendar and the one of the key events in Belfast Pride festival. It is a protest and a celebration, a call for equality, a stand for solidarity and a celebration of the lives of LGBT people in Belfast and is about LGBT messages and expressing support for LGBT people – please respect this.

The rules: The parade is governed primarily by Parading legislation through the Parades Commission as well Belfast Pride’s Terms and Conditions. All organised groups, organisations and businesses must apply and register individually so that we can ensure that the parade complies with the legislation, the Terms and Conditions and any additional advice from the PSNI and Belfast City Council. Each group or organisation should apply seperately, umbrella group applications can’t be accepted. Applications from multiple groups submitted as one application will be rejected. You will asked to study the Parade Terms and Conditions, sign on behalf of your group to say that you will comply and attend a mandatory training session.

Please note that Belfast City Council rules mean that participants on the Belfast Pride Parade cannot distribute flyers, business cards, balloons, flags, badges or any other promotional items – so remember not to include this in your plans. You can promote your group at our Pride Village event, see that page for details.

The fees: Belfast Pride is a charity that exists to deliver Belfast Pride Festival, we raise the full cost of the festival each year and pay fees and costs to deliver our free events. We have significant overheads to ensure that we have a safe parade and festival and we ask groups to help us contribute to these. The costs include professional mandatory Security staff, crowd safety costs, high visibility clothing for stewards and volunteers, fencing, cleansing and Insurance – all of which make the parade and surrounding events safe for crowds, participants and spectators. We also aim to use a proportion of the fees to improve the parade overall and make it an even better experience.

Belfast Pride is a community effort and everyone should play their part to make it the best it could be – part of this is making a reasonable contribution to what a major events costs these days. Belfast Pride tries to deliver a lot on a lot less funding than you would expect, so we ask you to play your part and contribute.

Fee Structure:

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